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Anonymous: Boyfriend jeans with ankle boots? Yes or no?


phyu3: Remembered you mentioning a market stall previously. What's the date for your stall again? Anyway, looking forward to it and hope you get to sell all your items on the day

26th at Kirribilli aka NEXT SATURDAY woohoooo

Anonymous: Anyway to wear boyfriend shorts in winter, without looking to androgynous or bulky, or should I should leave for warmer weather

With a chunky turtleneck and heeled boots!

Anonymous: Hi ! Are your free runs true to size or do they run a bit small ? Thanks x

Run a bit small, I would suggest half to a full size up.

Anonymous: Hi, I just wanted to ask when you were in highschool, for your HSC did you memorize your essays and creative writing or did you do it on the spot?

Memorisation is the way to go unless you are a literary genius

Anonymous: how can you afford to buy your own food!!! how many hours do you work

Around 20 hours a week hahaha

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ppl my age have children what the hell i am a children

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need so so so badly


need so so so badly

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Anonymous: I'm going to Hong Kong!! Very excited but I have a couple of q's if that's ok? (Sorry if you have a FAQ I'm on my phone and can't see them) what are some good places to go?? And should I learn some Cantonese before I go? Xx

I don’t know I always go to the touristy places like harbour city and Times Square, and nope you can basically get away with English in most places. Try the egg waffles and milk tea - so good.

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