Magdalena Frackowiak

Magdalena Frackowiak

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Anonymous: Hi! Do u mind sharing tips for taking notes during lectures?

Be a ruthless bitch and filter out 80% of the slides and only write down the 20% that is vital/ that you can’t logically figure out or that you don’t already know.

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Anonymous: Workout in the morning or night?

Morning!! Way too tired and unmotivated after uni/ work.

Anonymous: What's your beauty routine in the morning and night?

Morning: cleanse (body shop tea tree face wash), moisturise (neutrogena combination moisturiser), mascara (maybelline illegal lengths), brows (Anastasia brow wiz) and concealer if I have lots of spots (nars creamy concealer)

Night: cleanse x2 , moisturise, benzoyl peroxide on break outs (v. Sexy)

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Anonymous: did you transition to vegetarianism or did you just go cold turkey? at the moment, i'm working my way up to being 80% vegan and 99% vegetarian, and i'm not aiming to entirely cut out animal products for at least a few years (i.e. when i'm independent/moved out). I'm sort of worried about any backlash i'll receive from the vegan community etc. if i'm not fully vegan

Went cold turkey (har har) but not vegan at the moment. Don’t let other people’s judgement change how you want to live - I think life is inevitably filed with contradiction and all we can do is to live in a way that is fulfilling to ourselves.

Anonymous: what was your staple the label thing?

Playing with their new collection :)

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when white ppl get heated when you say “white” before you describe someone like ??? y’all always say “this ASIAN lady…” “some Arab…” “this INDIAN guy…” etc. like ur intentionally putting their race/ ethnicity/ background/ whatever making it a negative connotation to them because obviously the woman being Asian means something

OMG this.

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