Sigrid Agren by Aitken Jolly for Dansk #26 F/W 2011


Sigrid Agren by Aitken Jolly for Dansk #26 F/W 2011

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Anonymous: What will the prices range from and what sized clothing/shoe are you?

$10-$50, 6-10, 6.5/37 ;)

Anonymous: That Country Road wallet is lush! I have the longer one and it's amazing but I really really want the compact too! x

Ah I’m obsessed with mine! It’s the perfect size (tiny) and so clean and simple I love it.

Anonymous: hi helen i really admire the way you write. i am considering doing ext 2 english and was wondering whether you think it is worth it and why. xx

Talk to your teacher first and foremost, but the reason I didn’t take it was because I had my extension history major work and didn’t want to overwhelm myself. My friends who did it loved it though!

Anonymous: could you recommend some cute lingerie brands?

Lonely hearts does the best little bras, obsessed

Anonymous: why type are your nikes

Free runs!

Anonymous: How long did it take you to do your History Extension project?

A few months of consistent research and redrafting x

Anonymous: i've asked you three questions and they don't seem to go through to you :( have you blocked me or something

Sorry! Nope, have not blocked anyone - I just get too many questions to answer them all. I will answer a few now! Xx

Inside Alicia Silverstone’s wardrobe for Clueless. Her character Cher Horowitz had 56 costume changes throughout the film.

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Anonymous: ever thought of being a model?

Lol I am the size of a small elf 😂

Anonymous: will there be lots of stuff you're selling on 26th? like worth me treckking?

Selling 60% of my wardrobe, no exaggeration.